20 Most Promising CEM Solution Provider - 2020

20 Most Promising CEM Solution Provider - 2020

Customer Experience has gained astronomical prominence in the recent past. Businesses that are aligning their strategies with the customer experience objective are progressing faster. The focus of businesses for customer retention by providing consistent and better customer experience across multiple platforms is stimulating the market growth. Customer experience plays a vital role in customer retention which costs less to execute than customer acquisition. Seeing the world from customer’s perspective can help a company serve them better and meet expectations there by driving the revenues dramatically. CEM enables for continuous feedback from customers in the form of embedded analytics and analyzes the data to identify potential buying trends well in advance. Recent trends in AI and ML have proved that businesses can analyze huge amounts of data and offer personalized services to customers using Intelligent Chatbots. In a customer centric market, every company would strategize to track and organize the interactions between customer and the company using the Customer Experience Management solutions. However, selecting the right CEM solution is extremely important to realize the goal.

Enabling organizations to choose the right vendor to work with, CIOReviewIndia proffers a list of “20 Most Promising CEM Solution Provider - 2020”. This compact list consists of skilled solution providers with an industry rich experience, technically adept teams and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and zeroed in on the final 20 companies who we firmly believe can assist businesses in achieving the set business goals while simultaneously offering better customer satisfaction.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising CEM Solution Provider - 2020.

Top CEM Solution Provider

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Genesys Provides solutions across the CEM stack such as omni-channel applications, automation tools like voice bots and chat bots, AI powered predictive routing and Agent Assist technologies, Digital sales...
Company Name Company Description
Aikon Labs Offers a platform that leverages knowledge gleaned from unstructured data from conversations, standard operating procedures, knowledge base articles, FAQ’s or wikis to augment the point of...
Celtycs Provides solution for customer complaints and improvements, helping companies strategize, develop and deploy customer management solutions across their business processes.
CloudCherry (Cisco) Provides a platform for customer experience management to help improve customer experiences and gain greater insight across customer journeys.
Customer Experience Lab Provides Consultancy led Technological CX Solution
Decisive Analytical Systems Provides a real-time customer engagement platform
Etech Global Provides workflow management solutions and plays the role of an advisor and experienced outsourcer of customer support, sales, technical support, and quality monitoring analytics.
Freshworks Provides solutions for support and sales in order to engage with customers and employees.
iFIX Tech Global Provides an integrated, Autonomous Digital Care Platform, iFIX, with capabilities that deliver a homogeneous, 360 degree customer experience integrating application, machine and human data. It...
NICE Provides customer experience and business consulting solutions
NUMR Research Provides cutting-edge tech and Agile Research in Market Research, helping companies incorporate market research data in everyday decision making.
Open Text Provides customer experience solutions for intelligent and connected omni-channel experiences, while optimizing operations.
Praakamya Offers management consultancy in customer experience (CX) and CX as services (CXaaS) to businesses.
Red Quanta Provides customer engagement solutions with research, analytics, consulting and global execution capabilities.
RezMatic Has expertise in developing GTM (Go-to-market) strategy and launch the product with acute precision, and boosting customer experience through the use of all integrated human communication channels.
Servion Uses implementation methodologies, tools, analytical models, and, best practices to deliver a range of offerings across customer care, self-service, workforce management and cloud contact centers.
Software AG Provides a platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action, and business management and consulting solutions.
SurveySparrow Offers an omni-channel Experience Management Platform that helps in building and improving better customer experiences, employee experiences and product experiences.
Tecnotree Corporation Provides full-stack Digital Business Support Systems (BSS)
Verint Provides solution for enterprise workflow optimization and security intelligence