BuzzNgo: Effortless - ­Insightful - ­Eloquent

CIO Vendor Customer Engagement is the key to a better reach and brand awareness. It makes an emotional connection between the brand and its customers. Such well-engaged customers purchase more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. Offering top-quality customer experience acts as the ultimate catalyst in the customer engagement strategy. Mumbai-based BuzzNgo is a comprehensive customer engagement tool that brings all the Feedback, Surveys, Loyalty Enrollment right in the instant of the experience of the customers. BuzzNgo is a platform positioned differently as compared to custom feedback kiosk designers. Maintaining the confidentiality of all the clients/vendors on the platform, one can compare themselves with other similar businesses or competitors. In this way, it also looks at the com-petition by industry, location and gives a business their ranking. These solutions are more embedded in clients' business metrics. BuzzNgo is also a product that is supported by the research of human behavior.

BuzzNgo ­ Keep Rising, Online & Offline!!!
BuzzNgo gathers feedback responsibly in the most non-intrusive manner. It understands human emotions, their peak, and the action that it sparks. BuzzNgo makes the feedback gathering intuitive and fun. The entire feedback gathering process is quicker and takes less than 10 seconds. The company offers this through their Kiosk, and the UI (User Interface) is quite exciting to make the customers want to click that button/link. BuzzNgo ensures that the feedback goes-up by over 50 percent with their question flow as opposed to the existing feedback system of their clients.
Customers interact with brands on their online and offline touch-points. BuzzNGo's widgets are a way to capture the digital journey the same way with their kiosks. The company's customizations allow businesses to choose trigger points. The moment of experience is the most vital moment to gather feed-back. BuzzNgo's network of kiosks in the store creates an opportunity to capture feedback while the emotion of the buying experience is fresh. As a result, clients get feedback driven by the customer as opposed to pulled by the business owner. And when clients pull feedback, they land-up giving some incentives to their customers. So, BuzzNgo also saves that incentive cost for its clients.

A holistic customer engagement tool ­ BuzzNgo is revolutionizing the Customer Experience Management industry by bringing all the Feedback, Surveys, Loyalty Enrollment right in the moment of the experience of the customers

In the Customer Experience Management industry, brick and mortar still account for 95 percent of the interactions with the customer and BuzzNgo is transforming this industry by making it Data-rich for the businesses so that they now under-stand the customer along every step of the way and can make changes to this journey through the company's predictive analytics engine. BuzzNgo's Predictive Analytics Engine warns business managers of times when customer experience dip based on several internal and external factors. It's almost like a weather fore-cast for the customer experience for better management.

Team BuzzNgo has a shared experience of over five decades between the Founder, CEO, and Product Manager ­ Dheerin Motwani, and the BuzzNgo CTO.